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Reebok 10K for Women

Social Media, Graphics, Content Planning

During my internship with Conventures in 2018, I was able to work on the social strategy, content planning, and design for the Reebok 10k for Women's social media accounts.

Formerly known as the Tufts Health Plan 10K for Women, the strategy was to utilize Reebok as our new partner and target a younger crowd that has never run or heard of the 40 year old race, while not ignoring our long list of past participants.


Monday, October 8 was the 42nd running, where thousands of women gathered in Boston Common for a day of strength, speed, and solidarity. The content plan and designs I created in 2018 were also used and followed in 2019.

I also had the chance to concept and brainstorm with the design team for event banners.

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