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Leo Oil

Social Media Concept

Problem: @theleooil has no social content of its own.

Solution: Use the product's cult following to make a statement about the product.

Leo Oil has such a cult following that founder Dena Smith doesn't need to schedule ads or posts. Instead, she refers Instagram users to explore @theleooil's tagged page, where hundreds of customers share their own (non sponsored) portraits of themselves doused in the facial oil. Even the product images on Leo Oil's site are screenshots of these selfies, rather than packaging photos.

I thought it would be interesting if Leo Oil posted these testimonial images to display customer loyalty and celebrate Leo Oil users for their #radicalhonesty (a phrase Dena pioneered in her marketing.) This would also build out content for the account, creating a space for the brand to breathe apart from Dena's personal Instagram. Graphics for the posts were meant to have a scrapbook-y, friendship bracelet, sticker book feel, using friends of Leo Oil as well as digital stickers to mirror the stickers Dena ships out with each order.

instapage copy.jpg
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